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Tail Wagging Dog Hike

Saturday - 12:30 PM

Organized by Fieldstone K9 Academy

Meeting Location: Registration Tent.
Address: 4707 Mill St, Mantua, OH 44255

Check In: 12:00 PM. Walk starts at 12:30 PM

$10 Donation to Triple Trail Fest

Duration: 1 Hour

This may be the First organized Trail Walk On the Headwaters East Trail, but hopefully not the last! This is your chance to join an organized group dog walk for an opportunity for your dog to socialize safely while on leash. Structured Socialization Pack walks encourage dogs to walk along together without often interacting face-to-face. Over time, walking together builds trust. Walking together tends to avoid competition and insecurities that come with other kinds of socialization.

RULES: We will have rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety such as these at the registration table check in. We will have volunteers to assist and guide you and your dogs as needed.

1. Dogs must be on a flat leash only no longer than 6 ft. in length (no flexis please)
2. We will group dogs and their people in groups. Ex: Energetic dogs at the front of the pack. Reactive dogs at the end of the entire group spaced at a safe distance from other dogs and will wear red bandanas.
3. One dog per person

More information:

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