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Tail Wagging Dog Hike

Starts at: 3:00 PM

Check In: 2:45 PM

$15 Donation to Triple Trail Fest


Join us for the Dog Walk at this year's Triple Trail Fest! This organized group walk provides a safe and structured opportunity for your furry friends to socialize while on leash. Our Structured Socialization Pack walks encourage dogs to walk alongside each other, fostering trust and cooperation without direct face-to-face interactions. This style of walking helps to minimize competition and insecurities that can arise during other forms of socialization. It's a great way for your dog to get exercise, make new friends, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in the company of other canine companions. Don't miss this chance for your dog to have a safe and rewarding socialization experience!

RULES: We will have rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety such as these at the registration table check in. We will have volunteers to assist and guide you and your dogs as needed.

1. Dogs must be on a flat leash only no longer than 6 ft. in length (no flexis please)
2. We will group dogs and their people in groups. Ex: Energetic dogs at the front of the pack. Reactive dogs at the end of the entire group spaced at a safe distance from other dogs and will wear red bandanas.
3. One dog per person

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